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Tzofim' (scouts) in Israel
The 'Tzofim' (scouts) in Israel
We at Gaia committed to help our communities grow and prosper, focusing on educational and youth-oriented community efforts, in aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development - that they may play constructive roles in society. Gaia supports in "Zahala" & "Kfir" tribes in order to produce T-shirts and hoods for the summer camp 2012.

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Our Children
Our Children
"Our Children" Foundation is the Fundraising and Friends organization of SCMCI.
The Foundation was established in 1993 by Helen Schneider and Iris Langer. The goal of the foundation is to advance and cultivate SCMCI in order to help the staff and the children hospitalized at the Medical Center and their families.

The donors, friends and volunteers of "Our Children" Foundation take an active part in the goals of the Foundation; to directly or indirectly acquire the necessary resources and means to provide the best health care possible for our children.

Through The Fundraising and development division, the foundation purchases equipment for the departments and clinics, funds research & doctor training, creates projects and programs to strengthen and empower the children such as a Holistic Center, and The Starlight Center (via play, art and experiential programs) and maintains a library and the child-life play centers.

The Volunteer division coordinates a network of 500 volunteers, grants wishes and distributes gifts on a daily basis all in order to make the quality of life of the children better during their difficult hospitalization period.
Danny Fishman, managing partner of Gaia Real Es tate, volunteers as chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Our Children Foundation. 

In the course of the many joint activities with this Foundation, Gaia recently donated monies for the benefit of advancing a special project in which New Year greeting cards were sent to investors and members of Gaia Real Estate on behalf of the Foundation and Gaia Real Estate, explaining the nature of the Foundation, together with a New Year's greeting.

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Strength to Stregnth
Strength to Stregnth
Strength to Stregnth is an international organization established to help terror victim's world-wide with their long lasting terror induced psychological and physical trauma. At present, assistance for terror victims largely includes immediate medical and psychological care for the victim, and in the case of fatality psychological assistance for family members. Aside from the fund's financial contributions, Gaia's team also provides support and comfort to children and teenagers that are victims of terror in face to face encounters and meetings.

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American Friends of Rabin Medical Center
American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

American Friends of Rabin Medical Center is committed to helping Israel's Rabin Medical Center of Petah Tikvah fulfill its mission; sustain and expand its facilities with the most advanced technology and equipment by encouraging individual, family, corporate and institutional commitment to the hospital; publicly promoting the hospital; educating the public; encouraging visitation; creating joint ventures with other medical establishments; and by raising funds through a variety of programmatic efforts throughout the United States.

Rabin Medical Center is Israel's largest medical institution, and is committed to excellence in patient care, medical research and education. Affiliated with the Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine, Rabin Medical Center is a tertiary facility serving as a referral center for patients throughout the country and the Middle East. With over 1,000,000 annual patient visits, its outstanding staff offer state-of-the-art medicine—combining the use of the most advanced equipment and technologies with humane and compassionate care.


Gaia Real Estate contributes to the holding of benefit evenings aimed at promoting the Center's principles. 


"I have only dreams. I leave to the generations to come a better, more peaceful world, a world in which it is a joy to live. This is not asking for too much Yitzchak Rabin, Washington, 1994". 


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ELEM/Youth in Distress in Israel
Elem was founded in 1981 by a group of volunteers from Israel and the United States in order to help youth-at-risk become productive citizens, contributing to the society and the nation. 

Over the years Elem expanded its programs for youth at risk, advancing the following activities: 

- Developing as a national organization engaged in providing a wide range of services and programs for adolescents, especially in the fields of counseling, outreach and prevention. 

- Fortifying its volunteer activities and establishing itself as an organization that not only acts on the behalf of youth, but also incorporates an actively involved youth force. 

- Advancing innovative programs and initiatives in the field of treating and assisting youth at risk, along with fostering a deep commitment to help and treat teens in states of alienation, risk and severe and ongoing neglect. 

- Developing bodies of knowledge, innovative methods and intervention approaches and activities to bring about a perceptual and theoretical change in the youth service system in Israel. 

- Expanding the organization based on the infrastructure afforded by dozens of active branches throughout Israel, which serve as community support frameworks for operating youth programs. 

Elem assists adolescents dealing with different types of crises: pressures, trauma, risk and distress. Adolescence is a period rife with problems. These problems are exacerbated by the economic, social and security difficulties in Israel and where relevant, by the immigration process. This complex environment makes some of the youngsters all the more vulnerable to a variety of risk situations. We believe that a majority of the youth is in need of an attentive ear, support, guidance and counseling, whether it be about bothersome mundane problems or severe cases of alienation and neglect.

Gaia's executives have been supporting Elem and are involve with its activities in New York.

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DC Logo

Dor Chadash

Dor Chadash is a dynamic community, empowering a strong network of Israeli and American Jews to:  

- Create meaningful connections with Israel through cutting edge programs and  engaging events focused on Israeli culture, heritage and current events. 
- Develop social bonds with members who are equally passionate about Israel. 
- Become actively involved in the local, national and global Jewish community.

Gaia recently donated a residential unit to house artists that participated in the community wide memorial ceremony for Yom Hazikaron and celebration of Yom Haatzmaut.

Ofer Vilenko, Gaia’s Director Of Acquisitions, volunteered to help lead the team that organized the event, which brought together 116 Jewish and Israeli organizations, and was in charge of the project’s logistic aspects, planning the program, recruiting volunteers and arranged for corporate sponsorship. He also served as co-chairman of what is the largest event of its kind outside of Israel.

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