Investment Criteria

GAIA invests capital for and alongside its partners in various real estate and real estate related ventures. GAIA's partners include leading global insurance companies, pension funds, private equity funds, foundations, and high net worth individuals. GAIA pursues superior risk-adjusted returns through equity investments in multifamily properties, office properties, residential condominium conversions and distressed situations.

GAIA’s hands-on investment strategy focuses on the following criteria:

Asset Class Preference

  • Multifamily Properties - Core-Plus and Value-Add in Large MSAs
  • Condominium Conversion - New York MSA
  • Opportunistic Repositioning of Unsold Condominium Units
  • Distressed Investment Opportunities Requiring Additional Capital and/or Operational Expertise
  • Opportunistic Investments in Emerging Neighborhoods within New York MSA

Geographic Location

  • Primary and Secondary US Markets
  • Specific Markets of Interest - East Coast and Sun Belt Regions

Market/Opportunity Characteristics

  • Major Metropolitan Areas
  • Markets with Sustainable Renter Population and Stable, Diverse Employer Base
  • Strong Market Fundamentals
  • Compelling Supply/Demand Imbalance
  • Stable Cashflow and Potential NOI Growth
  • Flexible Product/Property Allowing Multiple Exit Strategies
  • Acquisition of Property Below Replacement Cost

Deal Size

  • $20 million and Above with Ideal Deal Size of $50-$500 million
  • Portfolios and Larger Transactions preferred
  • $5 million and Above for NY MSA

Projected Leverage

  • Contingent Upon Product Type and Strategy
  • Capable of All-Cash Transactions


Please contact with any inquiries regarding acquisitions or dispositions.